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Hello lovlies,

Talking all things hair care on Abbey Hearts today, giving you the full low down on my hair care routine, what I use in the shower and my favourite heat styling products that will get you through the summer humidity/frizz.

Most products I will be talking about in this blog post are on the affordable end of the spectrum, apart from 1. If you have any hair product recommendations please don't hesitate to tell me, either in the comments below or through my social media (links to all in sidebar).

First up has to be my beloved shampoo and conditioner, the shampoo I have repurchased more than twice now! Its the Herbal Essences Dazzling Shine Shampoo you can't miss it with the brightest green bottle and the sweetest apple scent. This shampoo feels almost light when I'm using it, not at all harsh and abrasive but natural and cleansing - just what it says on the bottle. And as it says on the tin honestly leaves my hair with a dazzling shine, and the sweet scent lingering for hours. Just to let you in on my hair type, this is a shampoo for normal hair which Im not sure I have but love none the less. As my hair is very long it can often get greasy, I also have ombre/balayage hair which means I have blonde tones running through the mid to the ends therefore the ends can get quite dry but this shampoo and conditioner combo has me sorted.

The conditioner I use is the Mark Hill XL Volume Amplifying Conditioner containing marine collagen, claiming "Collagen fillers for hair! Add strength body and bounce, leaving hair thicker and fuller!". This conditioner appealed to me as I haven't really seen anything similar to it on the hair market as of yet, and I definitely want my hair containing more volume and bounce! who doesn't right! Again lovely and sweet smelling of lemons - if at all a little sickly. I use this on the mid lengths to the ends of my hair as not to add grease to my roots, this leaves my hair feeling instantly smooth, shiny, conditioned, hydrated and most of all silky. You can feel the silkiness straight away!

After I have shampoo'd and conditioned my locks I then move on to styling for the days ahead, before I blow-dry my hair I always make sure to use a heat styling spray to protect it as it really makes a difference. For this I use the TRESemme Protect Heat Defence Styling Spray and I find it one of the best on the market, as I have tried other higher priced brands in the past. TRESemme really does its job here, protecting my locks from UV damage and heat damage from the use of styling tools and hair dryers. Definitely add this product to your routine, again the sweet luxurious smell lingering for hours, my boyfriend agrees!

After I protect my hair I am all ready for blowdrying, using my trusty babyliss hairdryer - so old but it does the job haha. Then on to my favourite part of my whole hair care routine straightening! I would definitely say I straighten my hair more than I wave/curl although I do love my hair curled, straightening is just a whole lot easier day to day. If someone could also direct me to the best tutorial to curl hair with straighteners then please send it my way!

To straighten I use my beloved Copper Luxe V Gold GHD Styler I just can't get enough of these! I received them for Christmas and I have honestly been using them every week since, they come everywhere with me including on holiday. These honestly changed the way I straighten my hair as they are so much better, so revolutionary. They include smart technology meaning you switch them on and go, no need for heat settings as the ceramic plates tender to your specific hair needs. You and me would be different, how cleaver is that. Also how gorgeous are they?! My mum did good with this gorgeous copper colour! So instagrammable!  Also so lightweight and luxurious.

Please let me know your thoughts with this post! And send me your hair essentials, always looking for new recommendations to buy! Don't forget to comment below with content you would like to see here on Abbey Hearts and your feedback, I always love and read it! All social media links are in the sidebar so feel free to follow me :) More new and exciting content coming soon!

Abbey Hearts 

Not a sponsored post, all images are my own. Copyright Abbey Hartley 

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  1. I love the mark hill range, especially the conditioner!

    Lotte |

    1. Aren't they just amazing! Im always on the look out for new hair care though so might have another up soon haha

      Thank you

      Abbey Hearts

  2. The Tresemme heat defence is the one I always go for too! I'm trying out a Kerastase range but I've only used it a few times so far :) xx

    Velvet Blush

    1. Amazing isn't it! Oooo I've wanted to try those too, is it good so far? xx

      Abbey Hearts

  3. Fab post Hun! Definitely some good recommendations there! X

    1. Aww thank you lovely, that means a lot! Hope you liked it :) xx


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