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Hello Lovlies,

So after just getting home from a little lingerie shopping spree, I thought I would share with you my recent purchases. Can you believe this beautiful lingerie set only cost £15 altogether, I just had to have it! Shop the set below!

I cannot get enough of the beautiful details on this set (bought separately) the little bow details, the rose gold hardware for extra femininity and the luxurious lace throughout. The almost watercolour floral pattern is what first attracted me, so why not buy the set?

Im sure this set would also look brilliantly pretty on every skin tone, I bought the bra in a size 32DD and it fit me perfectly. I usually have trouble finding bras that fit me well (they should do half sizes) but this fit couldn't be better! Also for a DD bra it is not 'ugly' as such, no thicker straps for extra support and the style of the bra is stunning. A plunge bra in various sizes plus DD+ is often hard to find. After trying this bra on it really does do exactly what it says on the tin, the soft touch cups/fabric really are super soft! Which again sold it to me! The bra and knickers feel almost silky, very luxurious for the price tag. I can't wait to wear this and feel beautiful!

Again the beautiful rose gold hardware details, by F&F at Tesco

The cups are also very smooth, which means they can be worn under many items of clothing.

Just B E A U T I F U L 
This set was only £15 altogether, to which you can still buy online and in store as part of the F&F signature collection. The bra was also available as a deal, 2 signature collection bras for £16! Such a bargain when they are such good quality! I will definitely be purchasing more of these pretty new sets, as they had some lovely prints including this one, so shop the set...

F&F at Tesco Plunge Bra £10

F&F at Tesco Matching Knickers £5

Definitely check out your closest F&F at Tesco, I highly recommend it!

Not a sponsored post.

Abbey Hearts  

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