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As summer is fast approaching us here in the UK (although you wouldn't think it) we still need to prep our skin ready for the changing weather, the only way I know how...Liz Earle!

I have been using many products in the Liz Earle skincare range for about 7+ years now, and I cannot fault it. As you can tell from me using the range this long I don't like change, and I don't like change especially when you can find nothing that works for you skin apart from Liz Earle. I have acne prone skin and have struggled with this for many years now (I have even tried roaccutane, if you would like a blog post about that then please let me know in the comments). My skin has changed a lot in the past year and is now mildly acne prone, sensitive and combination. Liz Earle tackles all these subjects as they thrive on natural ingredients so perfect! Below shows current products I have in my collection, which continues to grow and grow as I continue to repurchase all of these products. Please note I also love the Liz Earle facial exfoliator, very sensitive - I will soon be repurchasing!

my Liz Earle collection, summer skincare routine, hot cloth cleanser, liz earle
Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer travel size,  Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer 200ml, Super skin concentrate for night travel size, Skin Repair Moisturiser in Normal/Combination 50ml. All links shopable below
 The Super Skin concentrate for night is ideal for those nights where your facial exfoliator didn't quite reach your exceptions to relieve you from that dry me in the morning after you used this your skin will feel beyond baby soft. As I travel up and down a lot the 30ml travel size Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer is perfect for on the go. It is also ideal for a long haul plane journey's as under 100ml as the air is very drying this will instantly add youth & glow to your complexion.

summer skincare routine, liz earle, liz earle moisturiser
Skin Repair Moisturiser - Normal/Combination 

The moisturisers of all moisturisers, this product saved me in winter! However even in the summer it seems to be working wonders for me, so much I have repurchased it twice! and will continue too. The naturally active ingredients (what Liz Earle is best known for) mean this product has again won many products just like its sister the Hot Cloth Cleanser.

Taken from

"This expertly balanced moisturiser softens, smoothes and conditions skin for a naturally healthy-looking glow."
"Light yet rich in naturally active skin-nourishing ingredients, including borage oil (a rich source of the essential fatty acid GLA), echinacea, hops, avocado oil and the natural source antioxidants beta-carotene and vitamin E, this lightweight formula intensely hydrates without oiliness to leave skin feeling instantly soft and smooth."

my liz earle collection, liz earle, summer skincare routine
Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer travel size, Super skin Concentrate for night travel size, Skin Repair Moisturiser in Normal/Combination, Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 100ml, Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer 200ml, Nourishing Botanical Body Cream 200ml, Pure Cotton Cloth.
I use all but 2 of these products every single day, morning and night - and this routine works brilliantly well for me.  The Super Skin serum is great for night time use only, or pamper days/nights due to the high intensity moisture it gives. Smelling botanical and lovely (I highly recommend checking Liz Earle's range of perfumes/parfums if you like botanical scents).

Liz Earle Pure Cotton Cloth - for use with the Hot Cloth Cleanser
The Pure Cotton cloth is an essential when using the Hot Cloth Cleanser (Liz Earle do a lovely beginner kit to the Liz Earle range containing a Pure Cotton Cloth and a medium size pure cotton cloth, available on their website) It removes the dirt/grime/makeup effortless, often with 1 sweep. I must own at least 50 of these cloths...when can it be classed as too many?!

Apologies my Pure Cotton Cloth isn't ironed haha 
The Nourishing Botanical Body Cream is again one for the lovers of heavenly botanical scents, and cheap at £20 for a 200ml body cream! An extremely thick and creamy formula, feeling very luxurious on the skin - also since being back in the UK from dreamy Kefalonia my skin peeling has reached an upmost high! and this has been sorting me out no problemo, this and the Soap & Glory travel size body butter for my handbag...essentials right? A must buy for summer, and the heat coming round the corner. Also a non sticky formula!

Classic Hot Cloth Cleanser to be used with the Liz Earle muslin cloth, the most popular product in the range
Ta-Dah my holygrail cleanser, and it always will be! Especially when it comes to cleansers you just can't beat Liz Earle, it is one of the best on the market and has won many rewards for its natural and brilliant benefits. The hot cloth cleanser is now available in different scents on the Liz Earle website, all naturally smelling beautiful! As you probably know many beauty bloggers/youtubers rave about this product, you can totally see why after just one use. Again the lovely botanical scent like all Liz Earle products, removes makeup/grime/dirt instantly - this really is a miracle product!

Shop the Liz Earle products mentioned in this post below;

Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser 
Pure Cotton Cloth
Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer travel size 
Instant Boost Skin Tonic Spritzer 200ml 
Super Skin Concentrate for night 
Skin Repair Moisturiser in Normal/Combination
Nourishing Botanical Body Cream 

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