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Hello Lovlies,

So today the sun is really shining here in England! Everything is beautiful, and every body is happy, what more could you want! We started the day with a lovely country pub lunch, and we are still absolutely stuffed! I was treated after the trauma of having my ears pierced (lol I know I should have had this done many moons ago, but Im happy with them).  So why not carry on the Summer blog post vibe with a summer nails post!

I am L O V I N G  the candy pinks for summer! Always, and you can't really go wrong with the Revlon Formulas so these 2 colours went straight into my basket at the store.

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  I added two new shades to my collection today, I could not stop staring at them...just look! These shades are just gorgeous and perfect for those hot summer months (eagerly awaiting them to wear cute summer clothes). I picked up these two Revlon polishes in the shades; Vivacious & Flirt. Also similar to the polish I am wearing, can we just tell I'm obsessed with these colours - the bubblegum polish I'm wearing is by Seventeen.

I am aware that these polishes look similar in many ways, however once swatched and on my nails, they will both look effortlessly unique. Also a cute way to add a different polish thats similar to your ring finger, for a different look perhaps?

When the post is always about that floral background...

Shop the post below...

Revlon Vivacious 
Revlon Flirt 

I picked mine up at my closest Original Factory Shop for a bargain, check it out for more discounts on amazing brands!

The Original Factory Shop 

Not a sponsored post

Abbey Hearts 

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